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Hi one and all,

I must say it’s been some time between posts here, I’ll freely admit to being a bit on the slack side but a few things made me think of this site and though better get back to trying to remember posting things via here.

Those that follow via facebook will know that I’m still out there taking photos, though not as often as I would like but things are coming along and every time I get the chance I learn more which is something I do love about photography, the almost infinite number of techniques and permutations of those techniques always leaves my in awe and brain of and running a million frames a second, want an example? Just head to google and search on something like “pin up photography techniques”  like this or just to add in a few more possible variances try adding the word “Photoshop” to your search.

Over the last year I’ve had the good fortune to be able to go to a few of the local pop-culture conventions to meet and photograph as media for JATSTV  and meet some of the amazing, dedicated and talented Cosplayers and Artists, the details and effort these creators put into the costumes they create is just outstanding and people themselves have all been kind, intelligent and conversational people, the two to three days often seems no where near long enough even if my feet strongly disagree. The images I see appearing of theses event for the weeks afterward are testament to how much I missed and the outfits and people I didn’t see no matter how hard I tried to get shots of everything, in this I am grateful to my fellow photographers who let myself and the rest of the world see the things I missed out on.

Hope you enjoy a few pics from over the last year.

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