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Hello there again,

How has everyone been these last few weeks since my last post? Well I honestly hope!

So my Saturday afternoon was spent with the beautiful Sydney Fox at the well known Adelaide adult entertainment venue  Crazy Horse Revue who I thank again for the use of their venue, Sydney is a professional entertainer and (impressive) pole dancer who wished for the chance to have her skill captured on camera and was kind to offer me the opportunity to do so  and really why would I say no?

The strength and athleticism required to perform pole dancing is outstanding and can bee seen by the tone and popping muscles in some of the images below, it’s no wonder it has become such a popular form of fitness for many women over the last few years, for the more skeptical of you head on over to YouTube and check out video footage from the International competition and see how long you go from ‘Hmm chick in skimpy outfits’ to ‘How on earth did she/he do that’

It was a great experience as Sydney was fantastic fun to work with and a just plain awesome person, as a practical experience I certainly learnt a lot about shooting face-paced action, the girl hardly stopped for me than thirty seconds at a time.

P.S. Thanks for the Hug Sydney 😉


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