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Welcome to Light & Passion Photography

With the use of light and a passion for the beauty that is inherent in any moment if you look for it I love to capture those moments and present them as an aide to memory that will never fade.

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I’m still alive

Hi one and all, I must say it's been some time between posts here, I'll freely admit to being a bit on the slack side but a few things made me think of this site and though better get back to trying to remember posting things via here. Those that follow via facebook...

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Woodville Community Dog Training Centre

Hi Everybody! Welcome members of the Woodville Community Dog Training Centre, I thank you for the opportunity to photography you all and your beautiful friends, I had an excellent morning and as will see below a number of great shots of you all. Feel free to look...

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Sydney Foxing It Up

Hello there again, How has everyone been these last few weeks since my last post? Well I honestly hope! So my Saturday afternoon was spent with the beautiful Sydney Fox at the well known Adelaide adult entertainment venue  Crazy Horse Revue who I thank again for the...

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What my clients have said :

James has a great artistic talent. A positive, open and friendly guy, he is always enthusiastic to create great sets of photos from a diverse range of ideas and settings.
What really stands out for me is his attention to detail, especially with lighting and specific angles, enhancing his models’ features and gaining completely different perspectives, sometimes just by moving slightly or changing lenses.
This photographer is wonderful to work with – astonishing results, amicable, but also as a business associate very organised and punctual. A pleasure to collaborate with!

Sally (Saz) Alexa

My name is Kym Dametto and I’m a personal trainer who is trying to get into the fitness modeling industry.
My training and diet has gotten very serious over the last 6 months, so recently I had my first photo shoot. I’d heard from a friend that James was very unique in the way he looked not only at the art of photography, but every photo as an individual. This made me very intrigued and I was keen to do it.
Within the hour I spent with James around the weights room, we were constantly communicating and confirming about the photos, poses, positions, lighting etc. Of course he was professional, but he was more than that. I could tell he enjoyed his work and how he was describing how he wanted every photo to look, you could tell he was passionate about it all. The best photos that he later put up on his website looked amazing.
I honestly sat there for a minute and just thought, ‘A great camera and lighting can make a big difference’. This is what would separate James apart from his competitors. A great experience for sure.

Kym Dametto

The first time I met James was on the set of the photo shoot. Straight away I felt comfortable as he presented very professionally and had a warm accepting energy. I am not someone who enjoys photos being taken, I was very nervous before-hand but James was very calm and helpful in getting excellent photo results.
He was very informative of the process and knew exactly how to instruct me to produce better lines, facial expressions etc.
The whole shoot really felt like we were working as a team. For a day I was expecting to have me cringing and anxiety filled it ended up a day of fun, lots of laughs and the most important thing…..excellent photos!! Thanks James!!

Sydney Fox

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